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The two things I'm know for are photography and optimization. As an engineer turned photographer, I have a natural curiosity for optimizing systems, both in life and work, as well as pursuing aesthetic perfection.

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It all started with a trip to Kenya in 2016.

I went with an engineering team to document a well-water project in Kolunje. I was VERY new to photography, but this trip cemented my love for the art and I would proceed to help build many photography concepts throughout my college years. I learned a lot about photography and entrepreneurship.


My Background

Wedding Photography & Entrepreneurship

My love for storytelling continued to grow as I became a public speaker in 2017.

Ever since my childhood, I’ve been drawn to my creative side, but many factors influenced me to pursue (and graduate with) a degree in engineering. While the analytical application of that degree has stuck with me and proven useful in many aspects of my current career, I decided half-way through college NOT to be an engineer. I had caught a bug for storytelling and entrepreneurship, a passion that continues to drive me today.

I spoke about discovering passions and flow theory at the largest student-run leadership conference in the country. I then helped plan the 2018 conference and taught a team of students how to craft and present their own powerful stories.

These projects put me on the path of telling stories, photographing weddings, and building small businesses.

I'm currently an associate photographer for Charmi Pena and spend my weekends photographing stunning weddings across the country. I'm also building a revolutionary sustainable jewelry brand (for those of you looking to propose) called Noor & Leila. If you would like to commission me for your own wedding or portrait session just Leave me a message!

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