How Much Does An Indian Wedding Cost?

Indian weddings are known for being extravagant and luxurious. But how much does an Indian wedding cost, on average? And what are some of the most common expenses? This post will explore those questions and more. Whether you’re planning your Indian wedding or just curious about them, read on for insights into the cost of these elaborate celebrations.

how much does an indian wedding cost

Breakdown Of An Indian Wedding:

Weddings in India can be a lot of fun, especially if you’re looking to get married the traditional way. Indian weddings follow an elaborate format with various ceremonies and rituals that celebrate two people coming together as one.

A typical Indian wedding follows a traditional format with different ceremonies, including loud music and merrymaking at the venue.

Chunni Ceremony:

The chunni ceremony is a ceremony where the groom’s family presents an important gift to his future wife. A red scarf or cloth with cotton threads tied together at one end signifies love and commitment in India before marriage was formally introduced.

Engagement Expenses:

Engagement is a major component of Punjabi weddings. This ceremony happens when the bride and groom exchange their rings, which are usually organized by family members. It is also supported by close friends to celebrate this special occasion for both parties.

For an event hosting 300 people, it costs around $24-$30k depending on venue location/foods served, etc. Don’t forget all those little details like dress designers ($5 k), photographers, and videographers who capture memorable moments.

A Colorful Mehndi:

The tradition of Mehendi starts with the bride’s hand in an intricate pattern that is created by a designer, who then applies it to her body. This ceremony usually takes place at home. But can also be conducted outside if there are no restrictions on when weather permits. However, this does not mean you have any less aesthetic value than your guests. Because unfortunately some things just don’t seem possible without being able-bodied.


The most important part of any wedding is the sangeet. Where all your guests get to come together and celebrate with you. This major event will cost around $24,000 if it’s just for food and alcohol. There can be some hefty expenses too such as hiring an expensive DJ who knows how to make things exciting. On top of this expense comes rented dresses/suits depending on whether either bride was caught wearing something beautiful.

How Much Do Wedding Decorations Cost?

Decorating a venue for an event can be as big or small as your wedding needs. It’s one the biggest parts when it comes down to expenses, and you may want everything from flowers in vases on tables throughout their whole space. But at least 20% will likely go towards decorators who specialize solely in events like these. From experience, they average around 1-2 lakhs Indian rupees per hour (which works out to about $150-USD 300). So make sure there isn’t anything else cheaper available first before taking this route.

Essential Entertainment 

If you’re looking to have an unforgettable wedding with some extra spice, entertainment is the way forward. From DJs who specialize in Indian party music and stage decor that will leave your guests speechless to amazing Bollywood singers or professional comedians cost around $5k-$50K per performance depending on their expertise so don’t hesitate.

Cost Of Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography in India can be a serious matter. There are many things to consider when you’re deciding on who will take these photos, what type of photography they specialize in, and how much it’s going to cost for all those pictures taken on your special day. As with anything else though there are always options so don’t feel pressured into one option if another sounds better or more affordable – just ask yourself “why?” Some people may want candid shots while others would rather have traditional images captured exclusively before their marriage.

Catering Cost:

If you want to have an unforgettable wedding day, make sure it’s topped off with delicious food. The more expensive the catering service is likely going be; don’t compromise on your budget just because they offer deals at certain times of the year or during dinner hours.

Most banquets set out the per plate price, which will include in their charges – they’re usually around 2000 Rupees or more. If this isn’t available at an Indian catering company then it’s best to go with one that does offer these services instead of opting outside service providers. These include caterers/subconsciously noting down international cuisine as another option despite its high cost.

Makeup, Jewelry, And Hair For The Wedding

Indian weddings are long affairs that require you to dress up like a bride for many days after the big day. You’ll need new clothes, and your family members might too. Plus there is always gold involved in these rituals – so don’t forget it’s important when preparing yourself.

The input says Indian wedding ceremonies last longer than one-day events but most people only attend from start till end without exploring other aspects nearby them such as dancing etc. But it’s necessary to take out a significant budget portion as these aspects are essential for an amazing wedding. 

Invitations And Honeymoon Also Cost:

It’s not just the wedding guest list that matters, but also your invitations. A lot goes into printing and sending out these cards- from choosing designs to creating artwork for them. The best way would probably depend upon how many invites will get used in the budget available. 

Likewise, the honeymoon is a time for lovers to explore and enjoy each other’s company. It can be expensive, but there are ways of saving money on your dream trip.


Indian weddings are known for being some of the most extravagant and luxurious in the world. But what does that extravagance cost? How much do Indian weddings typically cost, and what are some of the most common expenses? This post will explore those questions and more. Whether you’re planning your Indian wedding or just curious about them, read on for insights into the cost of these elaborate celebrations. 


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