The Significance Of Traditional Flowers Used In Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are known for their elaborate ceremonies and lavishly decorated celebrations. These occasions are a reflection of the culture and customs of the community. In many cases, a wedding will revolve around the theme or color related to the occasion. Here we discuss the most common types of traditional flowers used in Indian weddings to understand the meaning of flowers.

traditional flowers used in indian weddings

Why Are Traditional Flowers Significant In Indian Weddings? 

The significance of these traditions is that they highlight certain values that are emphasized in Indian culture. For example, red symbolizes love, while blue represents fidelity and trust. These conventions are also used to represent qualities such as friendliness and hospitality—something that visitors should experience when they visit an Indian home or establishment. 

The Meaning Behind The Flowers 

The answer to this question is not as simple as it may seem. There are a variety of reasons why couples choose to include specific flowers in their wedding arrangements

  • For some, the meaning behind flowers is of utmost importance. 
  • For others, the chosen blooms may simply be a reflection of the couple’s favorite flowers. 
  • No matter the reason, the flowers chosen for a wedding play an important role in the overall atmosphere and décor of the event.

Probably the most well-known wedding blossoms have a long history of symbolism connected with them. For example, the rose has long been a symbol of love, and appreciation. 

Traditionally, roses of different colors have been associated with different meanings. For instance, red roses symbolize love and passion, white roses represent pureness and innocence, and yellow roses signify friendship and joy.

What Flowers Are Used In Indian Weddings? 

There are a variety of flowers that are commonly used in Indian weddings. The most popular choices include roses, lilies, and orchids. If you are looking for something a little different, you might also consider lotus flowers or jasmine blossoms. No matter what type of flowers you choose, they are sure to add beauty and grace to your special day. Here is a list of some of the famous wedding flowers and their symbolic meanings:

Rose For Love And Beauty

When it comes to choosing flowers for weddings, the rose is one of the most common choices. This is because this flower symbolizes love, beauty, and romance. It is allied with the idea of unrequited love and expressing genuine feelings. This can be especially true for young brides who may not be aware of the deep emotions that come with marriage. So, while many young women choose pink roses to convey their love, other women may choose burgundy roses to express the same feeling.

Tulip For Romance And Marriage

The tulip has a rich history in Indian culture. This flower was used to represent love and romance at Persian weddings. At Indian weddings, the tulip is also associated with marriage. It is believed that the first bloom of the tulip is the marriage bouquet. This is because the tulip is associated with spring and new beginnings. Often, a bride and her mother will choose a tulip-themed wedding bouquet.

Red Gulal For Happiness And Festivity

Red gulal or sandalwood flowers are popular at Indian weddings. In many parts of India, these flowers are associated with spring. As such, they are often used to decorate the wedding venue and during the reception. The red gulal flower is also used to decorate the wedding reception. It is believed that when a red gulal is displayed in a room, it creates happiness. Thus, at many Indian weddings, this flower is used to signify the happiness of the couple and their guests.

Jasmine For Purity And Honour

Jasmine is a popular flower used in Indian weddings. This flower has a fragrance that is often associated with romance. It is believed that when a jasmine blossom is displayed, it represents purity and honor. As such, it is often used to decorate the entrance of a wedding venue.

Zinnia For Fertility And New Beginnings

Zinnia is a flowering plant that is commonly used in Indian weddings. This is because this flower bears a strong resemblance to the human ovary. Thus, at an Indian wedding, the flower design is often used to represent fertility. In some cases, the flower is also used to represent new beginnings.

Choosing the right flowers for your wedding can be a fun and meaningful way to add to your big day. Talk to your florist about the meaning of different flowers and find the ones that best represent you and your relationship.

Incorporate Traditional Flowers Used In Indian Weddings

While many couples opt for more modern wedding bouquets, there is something to be said about incorporating traditional flowers into your big day. Traditional flowers have been used in weddings for centuries and they can add a touch of elegance and history to your ceremony and reception.

There are many ways to use traditional flowers in your wedding, from your bouquet to your centerpieces. And with a little creativity, you can even use traditional flowers in your wedding dress.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are some ideas on how to incorporate traditional flowers into your wedding:

  • Use a mix of traditional and non-traditional flowers in your bouquet.
  • Incorporate traditional flowers into your centerpieces.
  • Use traditional flowers in your wedding dress.
  • Get creative with how you use traditional flowers in your wedding décor.

Two Final Considerations When Planning Your Wedding

When you’re in the thick of wedding planning, it’s easy to get caught up in the details and forget about the big picture. But there are two final considerations that you should keep in mind as you plan your wedding day.

  1. First, consider your guests. This is your wedding, but it’s also a celebration for your friends and family. Make sure you take their needs and wishes into account when you’re planning your big day.
  1. Second, think about your budget. Weddings can be expensive, but don’t let money be the deciding factor in how you celebrate your marriage. There are plenty of ways to have a beautiful and memorable wedding without breaking the bank.

Keep these two things in mind as you plan your wedding, and you’re sure to have a day that everyone will remember for years to come.

Conclusion of Traditional Flowers Used In Indian Weddings

The significance of traditional flowers used in Indian weddings is that they highlight values and social conventions in the culture. For example, the rose is a symbol of love, while tulips represent romance and marriage. The red gulal flower is associated with happiness and festivity, while jasmine is used to represent purity and honor. And, zinnia flowers are used to signify fertility and new beginnings. When selecting flowers for your wedding, consider which values and traditions you want to highlight. This can help you select the perfect flowers for your celebration.


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