What Is A Sangeet & How To Host One

Wondering what is a sangeet? In Indian culture, there is a tradition called Sangeet. It is an evening affair that celebrates music and dance. It is usually held in community halls or auditoriums in India.

what is a sangeet

What Is A Sangeet? 

A Sangeet consists of two parts: Shringar (a musical group) and Tansen (a soloist). The dancers usually perform to traditional songs while the musicians play instruments like 

  • Mridangam (A south Indian drum)
  • Dholak
  • Table
  • Ektara (An Indian lute)
  • Thumri (An eastern classical form of Hindustani classical music),
  • Thumri bhajans (Poems set to music)
  • Dhrupad (The most popular classic style of vocal singing from north India)
  • Khyal (A form of devotional music from north India)
  • Dhrupad bhajan and so on.

The Purpose Of A Sangeet 

The purpose of a Sangeet is to celebrate the beauty and greatness of India’s culture. It also serves as an opportunity to engage with the community and spread awareness about various activities that are going on in the city. This can be achieved by using different kinds of songs in different languages with different beats that make everyone happy when they hear them for the first time.

In a nutshell, it’s a celebration of our heritage, culture, and traditions. It can be divided into two stages:

  1. The preparation stage: This stage involves preparing all the instruments, costumes, sets, and so on before they are used during the performance.
  2. The performance stage: This stage begins with the beginning of the performance where all the musicians start playing their respective instruments and dancers start performing their steps on stage. 

Its purpose is twofold: one is to let your guests know that the wedding date is approaching, and two is to make sure everyone has plenty of time to prepare for the next big event in everybody’s life. 

Hosted By Bride And Groom

Even though it is hosted by the bride and groom, both families need to rem that this gathering isn’t just about the bride and groom, but also about their loved ones making happy memories at this joyous time.

Who Typically Attends A Sangeet?

A sangeet is a wedding ceremony or reception in India. It is an Indian tradition that has been carried on for centuries. It is a combination of music, dance, and drama.

The guests at a sangeet typically include family members, friends, and other guests who are invited to attend the wedding reception. The groom may invite his maternal uncle as well as his best friend from school. This will help him show off his new status as a married man and make sure that he has plenty of people around him during the event.

Where is Sangeet Held?

Sangeet is usually held at temples or gurdwaras (houses of worship) and wedding halls where people gather for the event. The most common types of sangeets are:

  • Sarbat Khalsa – Sikh religious gathering held once in four years at Akal Takht on Amritsar’s historic Golden Temple grounds. It’s an event that attracts tens of thousands of Sikhs from around the world.
  • Garba – Gujarati folk dance performed by women dressed in color makeup with traditional make-up. It’s often performed during Navratri festivals in Gujarat, India.
  • Wedding Sangeet – A community celebration typically held after marriages in South India or North India during the Holi festival season.

How Long Does A Sangeet Usually Last?

The duration of a Sangeet varies from 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the type of dance and the number of participants involved in it.

The main purpose behind holding this event is to introduce the bride and groom to each other and their families before the wedding ceremony take place.

What Happens During A Sangeet?

A Sangeet is a cultural event that involves musicians and artists performing to the audience. It is also known as a wedding ceremony, wedding reception, community function, or gathering. It is a great opportunity to get in touch with your roots and share stories of your heritage.

Sangeet D├ęcor

During sangeet, the entire stage is set up with flowers and other decorations, which add to the ambiance of the wedding and make it more colorful. The decoration includes tulsi leaves, marigold flowers, jasmine flowers, garlands, and other items made from natural materials such as wood or sandalwood powder. In addition to this, there are several varieties of lights and lamps installed to give the venue a warm glow during the evening hours when most weddings take place.

Bride Look

The bride is dressed in bright colors, with makeup and henna applied on her hands, feet, and head. She wears an elaborate sari or kurta over top. She carries a garland made up of flowers, leaves, fruits, and other items as she enters the venue where the sangeet will take place.

Each guest receives a piece of cake or other sweet delicacies. The guests then sit down and enjoy music and dance performances by talented artists from all over India.

Hosting A Sangeet

To host a sangeet, you will need to choose a venue where you can perform and hold your audience’s attention. You should also have enough space to accommodate all of the participants. If you’re planning on hosting a large gathering, such as a wedding or wedding reception, then you may want to consider renting out an entire hall or auditorium.

How To Host A Sangeet:

If you’re planning on hosting your sangeet, here are some suggestions:

what is a sangeet

Choose a theme that represents your culture and religion. For instance, if you’re Hindu then make sure that there are many images of various deities present throughout your performance areas such as 

  • Statues of Ganesh and Shiva
  • Pictures of Hindu gods and goddesses
  • And even pictures of people dressed up like these gods or goddesses

To Sum Things Up

In short, sangeet parties are a celebration that takes place a few days before the wedding ceremony. It’s a huge party hosted by the bride and groom in which all their loved ones get together to celebrate and have fun.


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